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THE SOURCE FOR PURE GENETIC PROGRESS  What is America’s Best Genetics?
                                      America’s Best Genetics (ABG) is a complete        NSR’s Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation
                                      genetic program offered to customers of            System (STAGES™) genetic evaluation program
                                      the American purebred swine industry. It is        has been facilitating genetic progress across a
                                      primarily comprised of the commercially-ori-       variety of economically important traits for more
                                      ented members of the National Swine Registry       than 25 years. The STAGES™ database includes
                                      (NSR), the pedigree association for American       nearly 2 million pedigreed animals with maternal
                                      purebred Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and            or terminal performance data. In addition to this
                                      Hampshire breeds of swine, but also includes       large, phenotypic database, nucleus animals are
                                      industry-leading artificial insemination (AI) and  genotyped for a variety of markers which have
                                      exporting companies. ABG members have              been proven to impact economically important
                                      been providing Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc and      traits. Recent advancements now allow for
                                      Hampshire breeding stock to swine producers        inclusion of crossbred information to ensure the
                                      throughout the world for decades. Breeders         genetic progress being made in ABG nucleus
                                      representing ABG have been producing and           populations will be realized more quickly in
                                      supplying pedigreed, performance-tested            customers’ commercial herds. Additionally,
                                      U.S. genetics for generations. Our breeders        ABG members are further developing their
                                      focus on combining years of experience             nucleus herds into an international population to
                                      raising breeding stock with modern technical       better serve their global clientele; several ABG
                                      advances to continue the genetic progress vital    members have had customer interactions in
                                      to their commercial customers’ bottom line.        over 40 countries. Currently, across-herd, global
                                                                                         genetic evaluations are conducted to provide
                                      Genetic programs provided by ABG members           estimated breeding values (EBVs) for AGB
                                      combine a state-of-the-art genetic evaluation      nucleus and their global partners’ populations.
                                      with established, economically-defined genetic
                                      lines and long-term, specialized technical sup-    Not only decades but generations of swine
                                      port. The genetic diversity of the four breeds     breeding experience are combined with cut-
                                      can be combined into a genetic program that        ting-edge research and state-of-the-art tech-
                                      utilizes each breeds’ respective strengths and     nology to provide the highest levels of genetic
                                      maximizes the level of heterosis attained in       progress to enable continued profitability into
                                      production systems. The maternal attributes of     the future for customers of ABG members.
                                      the Yorkshire and Landrace can be combined
                                      with the terminal qualities of the Duroc and
                                      Hampshire to fit any production situation.

                                      4 America’s Best Genetics
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