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Joint-Venture/Membership Opportunities                                                              THE SOURCE FOR PURE GENETIC PROGRESS

Members of ABG have developed successful joint-venture partnerships around the world
with progressive, forward-thinking breeders. These relationships allow foreign custom-
ers the ability to stay connected to the STAGES™ genetic evaluation system and fur-
ther enhance their ability to make genetic progress. In order to obtain membership in
NSR and have access to the STAGES™ system, these requirements must be met:

   •	 Long-term joint-venture partnership with American NSR/ABG Member
   •	 Annual membership/maintenance fee – per breed
   •	 Participate in “whole herd reporting”
   •	 Abide by NSR Standard Code of Ethics
   •	 Nucleus and GGP breeding stock must be sourced from NSR pedigreed breeding stock

Benefits included in your annual membership/maintenance fee include:
   •	 Independent third-party verification of parentage, breed purity/breed identity
   •	 Direct access to the STAGES ™ genetic evaluation system results
       »» International genetic evaluation
       »» Online Support Tools
            ƒƒ Open system with rankings searchable online
            ƒƒ Access to animal rankings and current EBV/Indexes
                (trait leader lists and EPD search functions)
            ƒƒ Mating planner – to determine optimal matings based on genetic merit and inbreeding
            ƒƒ Results reporting site to access your own data
   •	 Access to NSR geneticist and industry/university professionals
       »» May be additional fees depending on level of access required

Benefits of membership in the NSR that are fee based – above and
beyond the annual membership/maintenance fee – include:

   •	 Litter recording
   •	 Pedigree printing
   •	 Commercial Test Herd Terminal Genetic Evaluation
   •	 Commercial Maternal Genetic Evaluation
   •	 DNA testing for HAL1843 on your animals
   •	 Parentage verification

NSR is able to offer its members, international partners and their customers a level
of technical service and support like never before. For further information, please do
not hesitate to contact the staff at the NSR or one of the members of ABG.

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