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By Katie Maupin
Clyde Shaffer Jr. is no stranger to the swine
business. The Shaffer family has raised
purebred swine in Albany, Ind., since Clyde
Shaffer Sr. brought home two Duroc sows,
in 1965. Since that time, the industry has
shifted and changed around them. Farms
became larger and more integrated and
deals became more focused on data than a
handshake. But, through all the changes, two
things have remained: Shaffer’s commitment
to the family farm and the value of
performance in a purebred pedigree.
Shaffer Genetics has been a family-operated business for nearly half a century.
Back row (l-r): Joshua, Sarah, Cassandra, Jordan, Katelyn and Clyde Sha er III.
Front row (l-r): Avrey, Sandy, Xavier, Clyde IV, Faith, Ryland and Clyde Sha er Jr.
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