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The MetroSperm
is a handheld, direct
read spectrophotometer for
measuring semen concen-
tration, temperature and
determining doses. The
probe is immersed directly
into the ejaculate reducing
pipetting and human error.
Our semen storage units provide
a uniform temperature with
continuous air circulation. Each
pre-programmed unit heats and
cools to run at 17°C. Temp-Lock
feature prevents tampering.
Available in four sizes:
1.7 Cu. Ft. Unit - 100 dose capacity
2.5 Cu. Ft. Unit - 150 dose capacity
4.4 Cu. Ft. Unit - 300 dose capacity
1.0 Cu. Ft. Unit - 500 dose capacity
New in 2014!
Xtreme has a unique
blend of components that
enhance sperm fertility and
increase sperm cell motility.
It can be used in conven-
tional AI doses and is also an
ideal semen extender for use in PC AI
where the method requires reduced
sperm cells per dose.
These tips effortlessly twist off for
ease of use and can be used as a
cap. Tested post manufacturing with
live spermatozoa to ensure product
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