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Dr. Doug Newcom

                                                           NSR V.P. of Global Technical Service

All About That Base

My two children love Megan Trainor’s            the changes necessary to remain competitive economic in nature, meaning they utilize

hit song, “All About at Bass.” I know this in the commercial breeding stock business. relevant economic values for all traits scally

has nothing to do with genetics or pigs, for                                                important to pork production. e di erence
                                                                                            in one index point change equates to a calcu-
that matter. But, as I was thinking about this The People

editorial, the reference hit me. e strength of  e people are as diverse as the pigs.        lated dollar gure per pig (for TSI) or daugh-

our National Swine Registry (NSR) breeders Our breeders are independent-minded,             ter’s litter (MLI and SPI) produced. However,

is “All About at (Genetic) Base.” Breeding progressive-thinking people that have            each NSR breeder evaluates what is most im-

stock companies and registry organizations in remained competitive in the corporate         portant in their customers’ herds and makes

other countries tout their programs, but NSR breeding world by sticking to what they        selections based on each of these factors.

truly maintains the largest and most diverse know, learning what they don’t and knowing     e NSR program itself has changed as

registered, purebred genetic base in the world. the di erence between the two. ey then well: economic values are routinely updated

The Pigs                                        implement those newly-adopted technolo- to more accurately re ect costs associated
                                                gies into their breeding program to maximize with pork production, traits of economic im-

NSR maintains the breed registry for the genetic improvement. is, in turn, leads            portance are evaluated and updated, removed

Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire to more pro tability for their customers.          or added to Estimated Breeding Values (EBV)

breeds. e registry was formed in 1994,          Our breeders have also reached into dif- and index calculations, and the organization

but our four breed associations date back as ferent aspects of pork production to diversify reaches out to allied industry partners to

far as 1934 (United Duroc Swine Registry). not only their nancial position, but also o er provide more diverse products and services to

Our breeders have been raising purebred         more products and services to their custom- our members. at can be seen in the diver-

breeding stock a long time (as you will see ers. NSR members are constantly nding new sity of advertisers in this publication alone.

in the Cedar Ridge Genetics feature). e ways to improve their customers’ bottom line.

purebred swine industry has changed over the Compart Family Farms™ Premium Duroc, Putting it Together

years, but our commercially-oriented breed- TRULINE™ Premium Pork and Zehr Farms            As you can see, the pigs, breeders and

ers have remained focused on their genetic Premium Pork have all created branded meat programs within the NSR are as diverse as

base and its ability to provide maximum         programs for their pork. Whiteshire-Hamroc they come. From the multitude of breed-

pro tability to their commercial clientele. has developed Airworks®, a patented building ing program designs available utilizing our

With more than 1.2 million performance and ventilation system. Sha er Genetics o ers four breeds to the genetic diversity of each

records and 800,000 maternal records, the weaned and feeder pig placement services. breed, the progressive and forward-thinking

amount of purebred genetic information          Data management, evaluation, troubleshoot- membership and the subtle di erences

available to our members is monumental.         ing and implementation is Tempel Genetics’ between breeders’ programs, NSR breeders

With the recent inclusion of pedigreed Com- specialty, and Cedar Ridge and Waldo Genet- can supply breeding stock that maximize

mercial Terminal and Maternal Performance ics focus on extensive international exports. commercial producers’ pro tability. And

Data, the number of records available for                                                   in my ve year-old’s voice, I can’t help
                                                                                            but hear, “I’m bringing purebreds back,
genetic evaluation calculations becomes even The Programs

larger and more powerful. With this diversity, Each member of the NSR utilizing the go and tell the swine industry that.”

the ability to identify animals that are supe- Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System

rior in traits of interest and incorporate them (STAGES™) program is tied to the others

into a breeding program can happen rapidly. through genetic ties, a common database and

If the industry changes quickly, like it did genetic evaluation platform. But each breeder

when corn prices soared to $8 per bushel and chooses the focus for their own program. e

feed conversion became the buzz of the in- Terminal Sire (TSI), Maternal Line (MLI)

dustry, our breeders adapt quickly and make and Sow Productivity (SPI) Indices are bio-

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