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Elite Showpigs For Sale!
We have a powerful set of showpigs for sale this spring! We will be offering Yorkshire,
Hampshire, Duroc, Crossbred, Chester, Berkshire, Hereford and Tamworth pigs! We will be
selling online, privately off-the-farm and attending one live sale!
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ONLINE SALE #2: Tuesday, March 10
ONLINE SALE #3: Tuesday, March 31
ONLINE SALE #4: Tuesday, April 21

HOOSIER ELITE SALE: Saturday, March 28

Madison Co. Fairgrounds • Alexandria, Ind.
We will be consigning 6 to 8 pigs!

  Res. Champion Purebred Gilt        3rd-Overall Tamworth Barrow               Champion Duroc Gilt
2015 AlabamaYouth Swine Expo               2014Team Purebred              2014 NJSA Eastern Regional

           Private-treaty purchase.  Purchased from 2014 Online Sale #3.         Private-treaty purchase.

Visit our website to see our powerful boar line-up, including two new and exciting boars from WTC!

Champion Hampshire Gilt              $16,000Top-Selling Chester Boar Res. Champion Crossbred Gilt

2014 Indiana State Fair              2014 Fall Classic                    2015 NSR WTC
                                     Raised by Shaffer's Goldrush         Raised by Shaffer's Goldrush
Purchased from 2014 Online Sale #3.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone who

888.690.2022showed interest in our breeding stock line-up at the

WTC, and a special thank you to Williams Showpigs,

SHAFFERGOLDRUSH.COMFla., McWhinney Showpigs, Ohio, Crossroads Genetics,
Ind., Jason Corya & Family, Ind., Vincent Johnson, Ind.,                  TERRY 765.730.1031
                                                          AIMEE 765.730.1666 | LYNSEE 765.717.9924
Jamie Hall, Ga., William Pippen, Fla., and Eustace        BRADLEY 765.414.7485 | DELBERT 765.729.5227

Griffin, Ga., for purchasing our breeding stock!

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