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Mission Statement

“To enhance the value, influence and image of purebred Durocs, Yorkshires, Hampshires and Landrace and to provide an
effective medium for National Swine Registry members and swine breeders to promote their product.”

Seedstock EDGE (ISSN 1079-7963) is published monthly except bi-monthly in January/February, April/May and October/November by the National Swine Registry
(American Yorkshire Club, Hampshire Swine Registry, United Duroc Swine Registry and the American Landrace Association). Subscription rates: (U.S.) $25/yr., $60/3
yrs., $60/yr. 1st class; (Foreign) $150/yr. Office of Publication is Seedstock EDGE, 2639 Yeager Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906. Phone: 765.463.3594. Printing is by
Sutherland Companies, Montezuma, Iowa. Periodicals postage paid at Lafayette, Ind., and at additional mailing offices. All unsolicited articles, letters, photographs and
other contributions of any type whatsoever shall become the sole property of Seedstock EDGE, which shall have the sole right to determine whether to publish any such
contribution. Seedstock EDGE shall have the right to edit, as it shall in its sole discretion deem appropriate, any such contribution which it publishes. Seedstock EDGE
shall have the right to refuse any photos used for promotion and advertising that show evidence of image enhancement and shall have no responsibility or obligation for
the return of any such unsolicited contributions.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Seedstock EDGE, 2639 Yeager Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

Seedstock EDGE Staff                     NSR STAFF                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS

             Editorial                   765.463.3594                                NSR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                                     • Chairman
                  Mike Paul              Chief Executive Officer
              Executive Editor           Mike Paul • Ext. 107                         Wayne Huinker, Iowa | 563.380.1372           Vice President of Member Outreach &
                                         Youth Development                           • Vice Chairman
                Katie Maupin             Brian Arnold • Ext. 106                      Scott Lawrence, Ind. | 260.564.0595
              Managing Editor            Vice President of Global Technical Service          Dr. Doug Newcom • Ext. 116                  • Brett Beyers, Ill. | 815.848.3549
                                         Office Manager & Yorkshire Secretary
           Stephen Weintraut II          Robin Lucas • Ext. 103                      • Dusty Cain, Iowa | 641.203.2257
              Creative Director          Controller
                                         Mindee Pollard • Ext. 108                   • Garry Childs, Ga. | 229.378.0749          Software Developer
                                         Adam Dian • Ext. 104                        • Ron Iverson, Iowa | 641.236.3713
                    Ann Fry              Director of Marketing & Communications
    Ad Coordinator/Assistant Editor      Katie Maupin • Ext. 111                     • Cody McCleery, Texas | 817.613.6666
                                         Creative & Web Development Director           Stephen Weintraut II • Ext. 118             • Bill Range, Ill. | 618.973.1670
                                         Ad Coordinator/Assistant Editor
                Jessica Harsh            Ann Fry • Ext. 113                          • Dr. Mike Tripp, Okla. | 580.513.0723
 Marketing & Communications Intern       Marketing & Communications Intern
                                         Jessica Harsh • Ext. 122                    • Jay Winter, Texas | 806.892.3089         Director of Junior Activities
                                         Kaley Bontrager • Ext. 109                  DUROC                     LANDRACE
           Advertising                   Junior Activities Coordinator               • President               • President
                                         Ellen Olson Knauth • Ext. 101
                Brian Arnold             National Junior Swine Association Intern      *Ron Nelson, S.D.         *Scott Lawrence, Ind.
Vice President of Member Outreach &      Charlie Huelsenbeck • Ext. 121                Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2015
                                         Junior Program Assistant &
            Youth Development            Landrace/Duroc Secretary                    • Vice President          • Vice President          Whitney Hendricks • Ext. 112                  *Steve Rodibaugh, Ind.    Lynsee Shaffer-Pullen, Ind.
                                         Administrative Secretary                      Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2016
               Michael Lackey            Lisa Kennedy • Ext. 105
           Field Representative          Hampshire & DNA Secretary                   • *John Huinker, Iowa     • *Chris Compart, Minn.
                                         Whitney Webb • Ext. 102                       Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2017
                765.427.3733             Office Assistant
                                         Taran Hopper • Ext. 120                     • Joe Roberts, Mo.        • *Mike Grohmann, Ill.
              Brian Anderson             Field Representative                          Term Expires 2015         Term Expires 2016
           Field Representative          Michael Lackey • 765.427.3733
                                         Field Representative                        • Brett Beyers, Ill.      • *Rachelle Bailey-Tucker, Calif.
                620.515.3348             Brian Anderson • 620.515.3348                 Term Expires 2016         Term Expires 2015
                                         Field Representative
                Blaine Evans             Blaine Evans • 765.490.3731                 • *Bill Range, Ill.       • *Lance Westcamp, Ohio
           Field Representative          Field Staff Intern                            Term Expires 2016         Term Expires 2016
                                         Matthew Romoser • 319.430.7533
                765.490.3731                                                         • Don R. Smith, Ohio      • Valerie Duttlinger, Ind.
                                                                                       Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2017
            Matthew Romoser
              Field Staff Intern                                                     HAMPSHIRE                 YORKSHIRE
                319.430.7533                                                         • President               • President

                   2639 Yeager Road                                                    Dusty Cain, Iowa          *Garry Childs, Ga.
              West Lafayette, IN 47906                                                 Term Expires 2015         Term Expires 2017
        765.463.3594 • 765.497.2959 fax
   Ads:                                              • Vice President          • Vice President
         General:                                                *Jesse Heimer, Mo.        Dr. Mike Tripp, Okla.
                                                        Term Expires 2016         Term Expires 2015

     4 • SEEDSTOCK EDGE	                                                             • Jim McCoy, Ohio         • Dan Burzlaff, Iowa
                                                                                       Term Expires 2016         Term Expires 2015

                                                                                     • *Jay Winter, Texas      • *Tracy Lorenzen, Ill.
                                                                                       Term Expires 2016         Term Expires 2016

                                                                                     • Brad Mortensen, Mich.   • Matt Rohrig, Iowa
                                                                                       Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2016

                                                                                     • Mike Watson, Ind.       • *Brady Crone, Ind.
                                                                                       Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2017

                                                                                     • Kevin Wendt, Ohio       • Broc Thompson, Ohio
                                                                                       Term Expires 2017         Term Expires 2017

                                                                                                               *denotes second term

                                         Ad Dropout Policy

                                         To maintain the advertising integrity of Seedstock EDGE, the late ad drop policy developed by the
                                         NSR Executive Committee will be upheld by the NSR Department of Marketing & Communications. If
                                         an advertiser reserves advertising space in Seedstock EDGE, he or she has until three days after the ad
                                         deadline to recall the advertising space. If an ad is pulled after that time, the late ad drop policy will
                                         apply. On the first occurrence, the advertiser will receive a written explanation of the policy. On any
                                         following occurrences, the advertiser will be charged half the cost of the reserved ad space.

                                                                                                               September 2015
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