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Dr. Clint Schwab
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
From the Ground Up
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Learning to better serve
Once again, on behalf of the current
NSR staff and membership, I would like
to congratulate Darrell Anderson on a
great career. With that said, I think you’ll
enjoy the feature Jennifer Shike put to-
gether to honor Darrell and the numer-
ous accomplishments during his career.
One of the several reasons Darrell
Anderson was such an effective leader of
this organization was he was conscious of
the fact NSR is a service-based organi-
zation. When we get down to it, that’s
the reason the National Swine Registry
exists. If we lose sight of that fundamen-
tal purpose, the membership resources
we utilize to operate on a yearly basis are
less effective – and in essence, the value
of the ‘stock’ each member has in this
organization is diminished because it’s
dependent on how those resources are
utilized. In that light, we are fortunate
to have an executive committee that
sees that picture. ere’s not a meeting
that occurs where the discussion doesn’t
revolve around a valid attempt to add
long-term value to our service package.
However, one primary component
that must be in place in order for the de-
cision process to be most effective is that
we – whether that’s myself or the execu-
tive committee – clearly understand what
the membership’s needs and feelings are.
We’ve had an incredible response to
the recent survey that went out the past
couple months. Not only does this tell
me the people involved in our industry
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care about what’s being developed, but
more importantly, it provides a consider-
able amount of insight toward what and
where we need to focus our efforts. e
information that was gathered from this
survey will continuously develop and
strengthen our perspective as we work
through many of the challenges our
industry will be faced with over the next
several years. In some cases, the results
only solidify what we already know.
But in many others, the results will
help establish the correct perspective on
several issues, and will give your organi-
zation’s leadership an added resource.
If anything, the survey illustrates what
the general demographics are of those
involved in our industry – information
What best describes your involvement in the swine industry?
I raise swine as a side
business, but also have
employment in ag
I raise swine as a side
business, but also have
employment outside ag
My primary business
is raising swine for the
showpig industry
I don’t raise pigs as a
business, but purchase pigs
for show purposes
My primary business
is raising swine for the
commercial industry
My primary business is
operating a boar stud
Please select all of the following NSR services
that you have utilized within the past year
Litter registration and/or
animal transfer
Marketing of animals at
NSR events
Conducted a sale with
Buyers Choice Auction
Purchased an animal on
Buyers Choice Auction
Placed an ad in the
Seedstock EDGE
Received advice/consultation
from field representative
0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
29.9% (325)
27.1% (295)
23.6% (256)
13.0% (141)
5.3% (58)
1.1% (12)
0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
87.1% (800)
36.2% (332)
2.7% (25)
15.8% (145)
20.7% (190)
7.2% (66)
genetic evaluation
31.6% (290)
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