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8086 Marion Road
Newark, OH 43055
Cell: 740.404.5048
Fax: 740.745.2913
One big-bodied, super-sound Duroc boar with a huge top
and rump. FULL NELSON is very level designed with good
neck extension. He is extremely wide bladed and comes
at you with a big chest floor. When you view this guy from
behind, he has a big, full rump and is very square to the
ground. Love the rib cage and the extra looseness of
center body in this boar. When we purchased him, he was
running on Ronnie’s boar floor with a big group of boars.
ZERO “fit” in this guy. FULL NELSON is definitely in his
work clothes. One good, heavy structured, super sound
red boar that is naturally wide and packed full of muscle.
B.I. x NBD6 E15
Farrowed: 9/30/11 - Litter of 13
Test Data: 0.56 BF • 11.2 LE @ 330#
Bred by Ronnie Nelson, S.D.
Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics & Ronnie Nelson
Are you looking for something different in a
Hamp? You might want to consider this one
here. High performance in a heavy-boned,
big-footed, huge-bodied, heavy-muscled
package. Huge bone front and rear, this guy
is built like a truck. Tremendous growth.
Raised in a commercial setting on slats in
crowded pens on commercial feed. What
a boar find! This guy could be special.
He needs a shot. Production on top of
production in the farrowing house. Huge
appetite in sows. Something different. Step
back and make brood sows. It will make the
rest work!
Frozen in Time x JDB Dission 124
Test Data @ 330 lbs • .64 B.F. • 12.86 L.E. • 151 days to 250#
Bred by Dave Mitchem, Ohio
Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics & Dave Mitchem
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