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Guaranteed settle on many boars!
Simply the best one out of all the Stauffer boars –
PITBULL is my pick. PITBULL is very heavy boned. You
could not make one any more correct on his feet and
legs. Level designed, super thick and square, has tons
of shape and muscle with a tremendous set to his hip
and hind leg. PITBULL will sire champions! I have not
seen one this good in a while, many thanks to Scott.
This is one heck of a young boar pig. He is flat good!
Warfare x Big Time
Farrowed 10/12/11 – Litter of 10
Bred by Scott Stauffer, Ohio
Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio
LOG is out of a great litter from a great sow. 59-14 has farrowed
4 litters, 53 pigs farrowed and 49 of those pigs weaned. Not only
has she been a great pig raiser, but she generates. LOG is special,
heavy structured, wide based and packed full of muscle from
head to tail. Long hipped, full rumped, extra big bodied, big wide
spread toes, super clean jointed, excellent set and angulation
to feet and legs. Shoulder loin junction is big and full, ham loin
junction is wide and deep. You need to study this one here!
Oak x Hawkeye 59-14
Farrowed 12/23/11 – Litter of 12
Bred & Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio
Test Data: 139 Days to 250# • 10.2 L.E. • .63 B.F. at 250#
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