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Mike Paul
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
Open Mike
Changing roles
Many of you received the following announcement in April, explaining how my
role at NSR will be changing this month.
As I step into this new role, I would like to say that I’m honored to be selected as
the CEO of the National Swine Registry, and I look forward to working with all of
the NSR membership. NSR is a membership-based organization, and our members
have indicated a desire to contribute to the growth of NSR by their strong response
to the membership survey that took place in 2011. ese responses will direct the
future programs and activities that will provide opportunities for the NSR and its
members, both in the U.S. and around the world.
NSR is recognized as a leader within breed association work, and our sta will
continue to evolve to meet the future needs of the membership.
I would like to thank everyone for their calls, notes and e-mails expressing con-
gratulations and support.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the o ce at 765.463.3594, on my cell at
765.427.2692 or via e-mail at
To contact Mike, use your smartphone to scan the code to the left or email him at
“I’m honored to
be selected as the
CEO of the National
Swine Registry,
and I look forward
to working with
all of the NSR
– Mike Paul
The National Swine Registry (NSR) Executive Committee announced this week the
hire of Mike Paul as the future chief executive officer of NSR, effective June 1, 2012.
“The Executive Committee is pleased to announce Mike as our next CEO,”says NSR
Executive Committee Chairman Jim Grimm. “Because of his integrity and work ethic,
he has the upmost respect from the board and NSR members. We would like to con-
gratulate Mike on his new position, and we look forward to the strong future of NSR.”
Paul, who has been employed by the NSR for 16 years, currently serves as the vice
president of operations. In this role, he oversees the activities of the NSR field repre-
sentatives andmanages NSR-sponsored shows and sales. In addition to his duties with
NSR, Paul serves as the president of the National Association of Swine Records (NASR)
and has previously served as both the vice president and member of the board of
directors for the National Pedigree Livestock Council (NPLC).
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