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Mike Paul
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
Open Mike
No business like Hampshire business
I was blessed to be raised by a family
that was actively involved in the pure-
bred swine industry. Our family raised
Durocs, Hampshires, Yorkshires and
produced F1 gilts. Although my father,
Marlyn, and my brother, John, were
more involved with our Hampshire pro-
gram, I still had an opportunity to meet
and visit with many breeders and Hamp-
shire Swine Registry staff over the years.
Recently, we lost three gentlemen
who lived and breathed Hampshire
hogs. Many involved in the Hamp-
shire business today may not know
the sacrifices these people made in
their lives to make the Hampshire
breed better. e contributions these
men made to the human race make
me proud to have known them.
Mark Pickel from Wingate, Ind.,
served as a Hampshire fieldman before
he became a Hampshire auctioneer.
In the Hampshire’s 100
sary Booklet Celebrating a Century
of Progress, Fran Callahan, says Mark
needs to be recognized as the person
who coined the phrases, “ ere’s no
business like Hampshire business” and
“ e name of the game is green.” Mark
spent many hours promoting and sell-
ing Hampshires. He was friends with
all of the breeders and tried to get the
top dollar for every animal he sold. No
other individual put more dollars in
the breeders’ pockets during that time
than Mark Pickel. He was an outstand-
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ing auctioneer.
(Check out the article on
page 22 in this month’s issue about the
impact Mark made in the swine industry.)
John Soorholtz from Melbourne,
Iowa, was a longtime Hampshire breeder.
John and his father, Howard, were active
participants in the Iowa Swine Testing
Stations. His contributions reached far
into our industry when he served as the
president of Iowa Pork Producers As-
sociation in 1971, the Iowa Hampshire
Breeders president from 1972-1974 and
the National Pork Producers Council
president in 1978. John later served in
the Iowa Senate for nearly a decade, and
his efforts led to the passage of the Pork
Checkoff and the pseudorabies bills. He
was also instrumental in the develop-
ment of the Iowa Beginning Family
Farm loan program. John’s contribu-
tions to breeding better Hampshires
has come into play again. When frozen
semen from SOO0 Dynamite 37-7
was bred to a HIT4 Quiet Giant 60-1
daughter at Peter Farms in Mendon, Ill.,
DMP0 Frozen In Time 31-2 was born.
Jim Twidell from Princeton, Ill., was
another gentlemen who bred Hamp-
shires with a passion. Better known as
‘Twig’ to many of us, Jim was one of
those breeders whose satisfaction came
from how well his animals bred on for
others. Captain L Marble, Caveman,
Farmer, Prime Rate and Hobo were
just a few of the herdsires produced
with the Twidell herdmark that made
contributions to the Hampshire breed.
But his greatest contribution was his
dedication to help others in times of
need. Jim had a great love for the Lord.
He taught Sunday school, served on
his church council for many years and
was involved with the Gideons Inter-
national and other mission work. Jim’s
legacy will live on through his family and
those lives he touched over the years.
I hope our generation and future
generations can learn from these men
and their contributions so that we
can continue to ensure, “ ere’s no
business like Hampshire business.”
“I hope our generation and future generations can
learn from these men and their contributions so that
we can continue to ensure, ‘There’s no business like
Hampshire business.’”
April/May 2013
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