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Mike Paul
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
Open Mike
Man to man about Yorkshires
“Man to man about Yorkshires” ran in every
issue of the
Yorkshire Journal,
from 1972 to
1986. It served as the musings of a man who
led the Mother Breed for more than a decade –
Glenn Conatser. Glenn came on board late in
1972, as the American Yorkshire Club executive
secretary. He followed Wilbur Plager in this
position and kept the Yorkshire breed on course
during his tenure. Glenn realized the swine in-
dustry was changing, and the way hogs were be-
ing raised was changing also. No longer would
producers farrow once in the spring and once in
the fall; commercial producers were demanding
animals that would perform in a time-managed
system and producers were requesting more
terminal and maternal information to develop
specific breeding systems for their operations.
Glenn was a leader in the development
of the performance pedigree system. It was
during his time at the helm that pedigrees
first listed the performance of the animal.
Glenn also was a proponent of the computer
and realized how it could improve the per-
formance of the staff in getting work out
in a timely manner. At the time, this was a
big switch from the office staff typing indi-
vidual registrations. In this issue, there is an
article referring to the accomplishments of
Glenn; please take the time to read this.
I’d like to thank Glenn for being a
friend to purebred swine breeders ev-
erywhere. He will be greatly missed.
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Glenn E. Conatser
August 2013
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