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Mike Paul
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
Open Mike
Team NSR
BRIAN ARNOLD, Vice-President of
Member Outreach & Youth Development
Brian oversees our Shows & Sales
Department, the National Junior Swine
Association (NJSA) and the Marketing
& Communications Department. Brian
is responsible for the management of
NSR shows and sales and oversees the
regional and national events for NJSA.
DR. JUSTIN FIX, Vice-President of
Global Technical Service
Justin is responsible for the develop-
ment of programs that assist our members
in genetic improvement (STAGES™) and
oversees the Technical Services Department.
Justin is our world traveler and assists in
the development of foreign markets with
the America’s Best Genetics program.
ROBIN LUCAS, Administrative Assistant
Robin serves as our office manager.
She oversees the Pedigree Department
staff and the Accounting Department at
NSR. Robin travels to many of our events
and assists with check-in, preparing our
sale catalogs and clerking the sales.
LISA KENNEDY, Administrative Secretary
Lisa is likely one of the first people you
hear when you call NSR. Lisa is in charge
of the travel arrangements for NSR events,
including shows and sales. She coordinates
and schedules meetings for the NSR Execu-
tive Committee and the breed boards. Lisa
does the majority of the entry work for NSR
shows and serves as the clerk at NSR sales.
RHONDA ELLER, Data Entry Specialist
Rhonda is responsible for entering
litter registrations, as well as handling
transfers and other miscellaneous pedi-
gree requests by mail, phone and e-mail.
She mails out completed registrations and
handles transfers for the Yorkshire breed.
JESSICA GOYETTE, Duroc Secretary
Jessica handles Duroc pedigrees. She opens
and sorts the incoming mail and is responsi-
ble for processing the deposits each day. Jessi-
ca assists with updating
Seedstock EDGE
scriptions and helps man the phones at NSR.
WHITNEY HOSIER, Hampshire/Landrace/
DNA Secretary
Whitney assists NSR members and
staff in all facets of DNA testing, along
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with her responsibilities with Hampshire
and Landrace pedigree work. Whitney also
serves as the data entry person for breeders
submitting performance records. Whitney
travels to NJSA/NSR events and assists
with the preparation of show catalogs.
ADAM DIAN, Software Developer
Adam collaborates with the vari-
ous departments to develop web- and
server-based applications to meet the
diverse needs of NSR. Adam works in
conjunction with the Genetics & Tech-
nology staff to evaluate future program-
ming needs for NSR and its members.
CALLY HASS, Director of Junior Activities
Cally oversees the National Junior Swine
Association (NJSA), the nation’s largest
youth livestock association with more than
12,000 members. She is responsible for the
three different leadership conferences (Boot
Camp, Regional Leadership and National
Leadership) offered throughout the year by
NJSA. Cally takes an active role in planning
the NSJA regional shows, along with the
World Pork Expo and Summer Spectacular.
TORIE SCHWARTZ, Junior Activities Coordinator
Torie works with the Cally to organize
and implement the events of NSJA. Torie
leads the planning and coordination of
the four regional shows, World Pork Expo
and Summer Spectacular. She also assists
with other NJSA co-sponsored events like
the North American International Live-
stock Expo and the American Royal.
JEN GILLESPIE, Director of Marketing &
Jen is responsible for the long-range plan-
ning and implementation of programs within
the department. is includes production of
Seedstock EDGE
and NSR’s online presence
through the website and other social media
outlets. Jen assists advertisers and clients with
their advertising needs. She travels to NSR
events and assists with keeping the NSR
membership up-to-date with online reports.
KATIE MAUPIN, Assistant Editor
Katie’s responsibilities include writ-
ing feature articles for
Seedstock EDGE
compiling show and sale reports and
taking photographs. Katie travels to NSR
events and is responsible for getting show
and sale information and photos online.
Steve works with NSR members to design
their marketing materials, including
ads, various A.I. stud catalogs and
other promotional brochures. Steve works
with all departments within NSR to develop
promotional materials for their respective
needs. He also helps maintain the NSR
website and performs updates as needed.
RALPH DOAK, Eastern Field Representative
Ralph makes herd visits to NSR/
NJSA members in the eastern part of the
United States promoting purebred swine.
Ralph works as a ringman at all NSR
shows and sales, as well as several of the
state fairs. Ralph is available for genetic
consultation for NSR/NJSA members.
MICHAEL LACKEY, Midwestern/Northwestern
Field Representative
Michael makes herd visits to NSR/NJSA
members in the Midwest and the north-
western part of the United States promoting
purebred swine. Michael assists with several
of the regional NJSA events and works as a
ringman at all NSR shows and sales. Michael
works the Midwestern state fairs as a ring-
man and is available for genetic consultation
for NSR/NJSA members in his territory.
BRIAN ANDERSON, Southwest/Western
Field Representative
Brian promotes purebred swine to NSR/
NJSA members in Southwest and the western
part of the United States. Brian works with
NSJA at several regional events and attends all
NSR/NJSA national events working as a ring-
man. Brian is available for genetic consulta-
tion for NSR/NJSA members in his territory.
Genetic Programs Specialist
A new addition to the NSR staff, Jane will
be assisting Dr. Fix in the development of
genetic programming for the improvement of
the Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and York-
shire breeds. We welcome Jane to our team.
Give the staff a call, they
will be glad to assist you!
Every good coach knows the value of teamwork, and it is no different within the National Swine Reg-
istry. From answering the phone, to filing DNA samples, to developing your ads, to penning animals at
shows and loading the trailer after an event – each person plays an important role as a member of our
team. I feel we have the best staff in the purebred livestock business, and I am proud to present the members of your NSR team:
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