2013 Jan/Feb Seedstock EDGE - page 11

Office: 605.327.3285 • Chuck: 605.661.7864 • Ben: 605.660.2828 •
29369 451
Ave., Irene, SD 57037
Prospect Pig Sale
Offering December-farrowed pigs.
Yorkshire, Duroc and Hampshire gilts and
barrows, perfect for WPX and NSR Summer
Spectacular. Cooperative delivery available.
Feb. 25, 2013
Champion Duroc
Market hog, 2012 NAILE
Congratulations to Allison George,
Ala. Sold by us.
Champion Yorkshire Gilt,
2012 NSR Fall Classic
Thanks to Abbey McDougal, Texas,
for her purchase.
Thanks to these NSR Fall classic buyers:
Lean Value Sires, Ohio (Yorkshire Boar) • Keith Wilson, Iowa (Yorkshire Boar)
Blazin’ 7’s Farm, Texas (Yorkshire Gilt)
2nd Place Yorkshire Gilt,
2012 NSR Fall Classic
Littermate to the Champion Yorkshire Gilt.
Thanks to Real Hog Farm, Texas,
for their purchase.
January/February 2013
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