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Mike Paul
CEO, National Swine Registry
NSR Editorial
Open Mike
For the members, by the members
e National Swine Registry will
begin its 20
year of existence in July. e
American Yorkshire Club, the Hampshire
Swine Registry and the United Duroc Swine
Registry joined forces under one roof in West
Lafayette, Ind., on July 1, 1994. e Ameri-
can Landrace Association became a member
of the National Swine Registry in 1998.
is is recognized as one of the most no-
table events in the purebred livestock world,
due to the foresight of the boards of directors
from four separate purebred swine associa-
tions to put their members first by providing
one home for their registrations, genetic eval-
uations, advertising needs and avenues to ex-
hibit and merchandise their genetic programs.
Now, this sounds like a pretty simple plan,
but we are all human, and the first thing
we want to do is to protect our ‘turf’ – in
this case, our respective breeds. As the first
meetings of the newly elected NSR Executive
Committee were held, one of the policies put
in place was the “Super Majority” rule. is
policy stated that if all three of one breeds’
representatives voted against a motion, it
would not be allowed to pass. During this
time, the NSR staff was charged with break-
ing down ad content. For example, if there
were two Duroc photos, one Yorkshire photo
and one Hampshire photo used in an ad, 50
percent of the ad revenue was allocated for
the Durocs, 25 percent for the Yorkshires
and 25 percent for the Hampshires. And if
a special project was presented by a breed,
that breed was held responsible for the costs.
I remember the day Jack Rodibaugh,
noted breeder and one of the biggest sup-
porters of the formation of NSR, said if
a program or project would benefit the
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members of one of our breeds, it would
benefit the members of the other breeds. I feel
this was the turning point in how business
was conducted at NSR – the Super Major-
ity policy was removed. Now, when business
is conducted during the NSR Executive
Committee meetings, committee members’
actions show they are committed to doing
what is right for the entire NSR membership.
is year, the NSR Annual Meeting
will be held Tuesday, March 19, at the Four
Points by Sheraton Hotel in West Lafay-
ette, Ind. It begins at noon with a luncheon
where the top recorders are recognized.
At 1:30 p.m., the NSR Annual Member-
ship Meeting will be held, followed by
individual membership meetings for the
Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire
breeds. I encourage all of you to participate
in these meetings, if possible. Your input is
important to the future success of NSR.
I want to recognize several board members
and NSR Executive Committee members as
their terms expire following the NSR Annual
Membership meetings. First, Jim Grimm has
served six years on the AYC board and the
NSR Executive Committee. For the past two
years, Jim chaired the executive committee
and his leadership was much appreciated by
this CEO. Terry Shaffer served six years as an
NSR Executive Committee member. Terry
provided insight from several different arenas
in the swine industry, and his commitment to
the NSR will be recognized for years to come.
Larry Moore served six years as an AYC board
member, and the insight from his part of the
world will be missed. Ron Iverson served six
years on the HSR board and was recognized
by his peers by being elected in 2012 to
serve on the NSR Executive Committee.
Carl Stein served six years as a UDSR board
member and is currently serving his second
term on the NSR Executive Committee.
With this said, I would like to welcome
the newly elected and re-elected board mem-
bers. Joe Roberts will be seated as a director
on the UDSR board. Dusty Cain will be
seated as director on the HSR board. Rachelle
Bailey and Scott Lawrence were re-elected
to their second term on the ALA board, and
Dan Burzlaff along with Dr. Mike Tripp will
be seated as directors on the AYC board.
If you cannot attend the NSR An-
nual Membership Meeting and have an
item or issue that you would like placed
on the agenda, please contact your respec-
tive breed board president or board mem-
ber, or give me a call at the NSR office at
765.4363.3594, extension 107, or send
me an e-mail at
“When business is conducted during the NSR Executive
Committee meetings, committee members’ actions show they are
committed to doing what is right for the entire NSR membership.”
March 2013
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