2013 September Seedstock EDGE - page 2

This guy topped the group at the
Indiana State Fair with ease.
He is one special boar. I
talked this guy in the Cham-
pionship drive as being the
changer the Duroc breed
has been waiting on. He is
moderate in frame but is huge
ribbed, topped and rumped
with tons of center body. His feet
are big and correct, toes are wide
spread and designed right. All of the
angles in his hip and hind legs are correct.
He does not bow in or out. His joints are clean.
He is big league opened up in his chest floor. His
skull is stout. His blades are wide, and he carries
that thickness all the way to his tail. If you can’t tell,
we’re excited to bring this boar home and get started
using him.
RWG1 Buck Naked 36-2 x RWG MS Double Shift 112-4
Bred by RW Genetics, Texas • Owned by Shipley Swine Genetics, Ohio
$38,000 Grand Champion Duroc Boar,
2013 Ind. State Fair
8086 Marion Road
Newark, OH 43055
Cell: 740.404.5048
Fax: 740.745.2913
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