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How do I advertise?

To reserve an ad, contact your NSR Field Representatives or call the NSR Office and ask for Ann.

What are the ad rates?

Ad rates are based upon size, color, contract and issue. For complete pricing click here.

Where do I find a schedule of ad deadlines?

Deadlines revolve around the national show and sale schedule. For a complete calendar visit click here

What do I have to have to the staff by the advertising deadline?

All information you would like to be in your ad including pictures, picture descriptions, ad copy and text and any special design requests that you may have. If you’re submitting an ad camera-ready, that ad must be sent to the Seedstock EDGE staff by the ad deadline. 

Does it cost extra for the Seedstock EDGE staff to build my ad?

No, the Marketing and Communications staff will be happy to help design your ad as part of the advertising fee.

Do I have to have someone else design my ad?

No, your ad can be designed by whomever you choose. Just keep in mind that we still need the ad by the deadline listed and be cautious of page dimensions and bleed space. (View ad specifications)

Can someone else write a description of my hogs for me?

Your field representative can serve as a great source for help with writing and descriptions to include on your ad, and the Seedstock EDGE staff will help write headlines and proof ad copy.

How much information can I include in a one-page ad?

There is no set criteria, but as a general rule 5-6 pictures with captions and information will fill a page. Keep in mind, that sometimes less is more, especially if you want to highlight a specific animal, win or event. If you have any concerns regarding the amount of material you would like to place in your ad, call the office and ask for Steve.

Do I give my ad information to my field rep?

You can give the ad information to your field rep, but it is preferred that you send it to the Seedstock EDGE staff directly via e-mail or fax.

Will I get to see my ad before it goes in the magazine?

Yes, all ads are sent to the breeder/business to be proofed before they’re sent to be published. We do not send proofs of ads, if they are from an outside source. We ask that you send a confirmation within 1-2 days of receiving the ad. 

If I want extra copies, what do I do?

Talk to the Marketing and Communications staff, when you book your ad, to get pricing on overrun and flier printing. Additional copies of magazines are available for $7 per back issue.

When and where does the magazine mail?

Visit this list of important dates and deadlines.

How do I renew my subscription?

To renew your subscription simply fill out the form and return with payment to the NSR office. (Download Subscription Form)

Can I receive old issues?

There is a limited availability of past Seedstock EDGE issues. You can call the office to order an back issue for $7 per back issue.  Back issues are also available to view online. (click here to view back issues)

What if something was listing wrong in the magazine?

Please call the Seedstock EDGE staff to let us know. We will be sure to run a correction in the next publication.

How do I get in the Seedstock Source?

To be included in the Seedstock Source, there is an annual fee of $75 due before the January/February issue. There is a prorated rate for anyone who joins after the first of the year. Call the Marketing and Communications staff to add your name to the list.