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What are the health requirements for the show I’m about to attend?

Health papers/certificates are required at all NJSA and NSR events. Due to specific state health rules, check the specific show information on the Shows & Events page on the website or call the NSR office to receive a paper copy of ALL health requirements for each show. These health requirements must be followed or the animal will not be allowed on the grounds.

Do I need a Premise ID Number, and how do I get one?

Yes, a Premise ID Number is needed to exhibit at an NSR or NJSA event. To obtain a Premise ID Number, you must contact your state animal health official. To find your state's official, click here.

Is PQA Plus certification required and how do I become certified?

Yes, PQA Plus certification is required for all exhibitors participating in an event. Youth ages 8 and older are required to be Youth PQA Plus certified, while youth 7 and younger must have their parents be Adult PQA Plus certified for them. Youth and adults can become certified by attending the Youth PQA Plus or Adult PQA Plus training sessions that will be available at each show or by contacting the National Pork Board to locate a PQA Plus trainer near you. Current PQA Plus certificates or cards must be presented at check-in at each show in order to participate. For more detailed PQA Plus information, please call the National Pork Board at 515.223.2600.

What do I need to bring to a show to check-in my hog?

When coming to check-in, exhibitors need to bring the original pedigree and two copies of the pedigree for each purebred hog, the original health paper and two copies for each purebred or crossbred hog, and one copy of their current PQA Plus certificate or card.

Can I show my gilt in the junior and the open show?

Gilts shown in the NJSA Southeast Regional, National Junior Summer Spectacular and WPX Junior National are eligible to be exhibited in the open show and offered for sale, as long as they are double-entered in the name of the junior exhibitor. All double entered gilts must be entered with both the open show and NJSA junior show entry forms. If the gilt is selected to be in the sale from the open show, she MUST be offered for sale through the sale. If the gilt is double-entered in the open show, she must be entered in the junior exhibitor’s name for both shows.

Can I show a crossbred (Jr. shows only)?

In order to show a crossbred at NJSA events, the exhibitor must also enter and SHOW a purebred hog of the same sex. Therefore, youth must exhibit at least one purebred gilt for every one crossbred gilt, and at least one purebred barrow for every one crossbred barrow. Crossbred gilts and barrows are eligible to show at all NJSA Regional shows along with the WPX Jr. National. Crossbred barrows are eligible to show at the NBS Junior Barrow Classic. There are no crossbreds exhibited at the National Junior Summer Spectacular.

The answer above ONLY pertains to NJSA exhibitors and DOES NOT apply to any open show events.

What are the breed marking and registration requirements?

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