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Nov. 30-Dec. 3, 2017

Paso Robles, California

Entry Deadline: Nov. 1, 2017
Farrowing Date Requirement for Purebreds:

April 1 and after
Ownership Deadline: Oct. 31, 2017
Barrow Weight Limit: 290 lbs. and below with a 15 lb. weigh back
Crossbred Gilt Weight Limit: 375 lbs. or less
with a 15 lb. weigh-back
Limit per Exhibitor: 6 gilts per exhibitor with a limit of
2 crossbred gilts and 6 barrows per exhibitor with a limit of 2 crossbred barrows

Rules & Regulations

Show Requirements

  • Purebred Barrow and Gilt Farrowing Deadline: April 1, 2017
  • Ownership Deadline:  October 31, 2017
  • Crossbred Gilt Weight Limit: 375 lbs. or less with a 15 lb. weigh-back.
  • !NEW! Weight limit for barrows is 290 lbs. and under with a 15 lb. weigh-back
  • Limits per exhibitor: 6 gilts with a max of 2 cross gilts, 6 barrows with a max of 2 cross barrows
  • Exhibitors must show one purebred barrow for every one crossbred barrow and one purebred gilt for every one crossbred gilt.
  • All gilts and barrows are released at the completion of the awards ceremony on Sunday.
  • All exhibitors must be PQA Plus certified to show. PQA Plus training is available online at pork.org.
  • Please visit the NJSA Handbook for more information on NJSA rules and regulations.

Exhibitor Requirements

  • All exhibitors must be members of the National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) to compete in NJSA events.
  • Exhibitors must be 21 years of age or younger as of Jan. 1 of the current year.
  • Although some circumstances require animals to be housed at an alternative location, it is strongly encouraged that animals are under the direct care of the owner/exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors must wear their exhibitor numbers given to them at registration during the gilt and barrow shows and showmanship contest.
  • If exhibitor is not present to show his/her hog, the hog cannot be exhibited unless previously approved by NJSA staff.  If a hog is exhibited by anyone other than the registered exhibitor without permission from NJSA staff, the exhibitor will be completely disqualified from the show and all premiums and awards will be revoked.  This includes incidences of illness, double-entry in a class, and emergencies.
  • Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) certification OR PQA Plus certification are required by all junior exhibitors at every NJSA show.
  • A premises ID number to exhibit at an NJSA event.  It is easy to obtain a premises ID number, just go to the NJSA webpage, http://nationalswine.com/shows/index.php and click the blue Premises I.D. icon.  This will prompt you to open a PDF document where you will then find your state and contact the person listed for your state.  You may also contact the NJSA for more information. 
  • No parents, friends, or family members are allowed in the make-up ring or show ring with an exhibitor.  All exhibitors must be able to be in the make-up ring and show ring by themselves or are not permitted to show.  An NJSA Junior Board member may be requested to assist an exhibitor if necessary.


  • Open and junior entries are penned separately.  Hogs are penned by state, in alphabetical order according to the exhibitors’ last name.  Requests are accepted to be penned next to another exhibitor(s) from the same state up to 7 days prior to the start of the show by calling the NSR office.
  • Penning Requests are not accepted for exhibitors to be penned with others from different states.
  • Crossbreds, purebreds, barrows and gilts are all penned together.
  • Two pigs per pen per family are required; gilts and barrows will be penned together.
  • Divider gates will not be provided.
  • Pen cards cannot be moved once posted at a show.
  • Animals will not be released until the completion of the Sweepstakes Award Ceremony or the posted release times.
  • If animals leave unexcused before the release time, the exhibitor and their family will not be allowed to participate in NJSA events for one year.

Health Requirements

  • A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is required at all NJSA and NSR events.  Due to specific state health rules, check the NJSA website or call the NSR office to receive information on ALL health requirements for each NJSA show.
  • These health requirements must be met or the animals will not be allowed to enter the show grounds.

Additional Information

  • All hogs must be identified by a permanent ear notch and a federally approved permanently numbered ear tag.
  • Exhibitors of Breed Champions, Reserve Breed Champions, Bred-and-Owned Breed Champions and Bred-and-Owned Reserve Champions must come to the ring for the overall champion drive (where applicable) or exhibitor will be disqualified and forfeit all premiums.  
  • If a gilt or market hog is unable to compete for division champion, breed champion or overall champion due to sickness or injury incurred after winning their respective class, the exhibitor is able to keep their class winning premiums.  A committee of 3 or more NSR, NJSA, or veterinarian staff will make the decision if the gilt or market hog is too sick or injured to compete.  If it is determined that the hog is too injured or sick to compete, the reserve will move up.  Only reserve will move up, no 2nd place class winners.
  • All breed gilt and barrow champions and reserve champions, champion and reserve champion Bred & Owned gilts will be DNA tested for the presence of the stress gene, parentage verification, and breed purity at the conclusion of the show.
  • NSR and NJSA reserve the right to randomly collect a DNA profile on exhibited animals for stress gene, parentage verification and breed purity at any event where registered animals are exhibited. This collection will be supervised by NSR or NJSA representatives.
  • NJSA reserves the right to randomly test for the presence of unapproved drugs in swine entries.
  • The NJSA Southeast Regional, Western Regional, Southwest Regional, Eastern Regional, World Pork Expo Junior National and National Junior Summer Spectacular market hog shows are not terminal shows. Exhibitors will be responsible for their own market hogs at the completion of the show.
  • Champion and Reserve Champion gilts of the Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds from all NJSA events held in conjunction with NSR open shows and sales are allowed in the NSR sale with no consignment fee.
  • Gilts shown in the Southeast Regional, National Junior Summer Spectacular and WPX Junior National are eligible to be exhibited in the open show and sold, as long as they are double-entered in the name of the junior exhibitor for both shows. All double-entered gilts must be entered with both the open show and NJSA show entry forms.  If the gilt is selected to be in the sale from the open show, she MUST be offered for sale through the ring.
  • Double entered gilts must follow open show rules.  If selected from the open NSR show to sell the gilt is required to be offered for sale through the ring.  The owner has the option to buy the gilt back at 15% commission of the final bid price.  No exceptions will be made to this rule.   Any hog that does not show up for the sale of their hog will be fined the average sale price of that breed, banned from exhibiting for one year, and will be unable to show after one year if the fine has not been paid. 

Health Regulations

    1. CVIs must be issued on or after November 6, 2017.
    2. Multiple hogs may be listed on one original CVI per exhibitor, provided they are transported and arriving on the same shipment.
    1. ALL out-of-state swine entering California require a California entry permit issued by the CDFA- Animal Health Branch.
    2. Permits are valid for 15 days and are issued to the licensed, accredited veterinarian in the state of origin. 
    3. The complete physical origin and destination address along with the telephone number of the destination are required for the permit. 
    4. Your licensed, accredited veterinarian issuing the CVI must call the CDFA Animal Health Branch Permit Line at (916) 900-5052 to request a permit.
    1. CVI must show name and address of exhibitor, attending NJSA Western Regional, Paso Robles Event Center, 2198 Riverside Avenue, Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 239-0655. 
    2. Individual identification of animal MUST be listed on the CVI.
      1. ALL SWINE being exhibited at the Western Regional MUST be officially identified with an official, federally approved ear tag. The animal’s ear tag ID must be listed on CVI.
      2. For more information on official, federally-approved ear tags, please visit nationalswine.com.
    3. Health status of animal MUST be listed on CVI.
    4. A Premise ID number MUST be included on your CVI.
    5. Your veterinarian’s cell phone number MUST be included on your CVI.
    6. ALL CVIs MUST CARRY THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS: Farm or origin of the swine:
      1. has not had any clinical signs or diagnosis of Senecavirus A (Seneca Valley Virus) in the last 30 days
      2. has not had pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the last 12 months and uses no PRV vaccine
      3. has not had any clinical signs or diagnosis of TGE or PEDv in the last 60 days
      4. feeds no garbage and is not under quarantine for any disease condition
      5. has not been diagnosed with Vesicular Stomatitis within 10 miles of the farm of origin within the last 30 days
    1. There are no testing requirements for PRV or brucellosis for swine being exhibited at the NJSA Western Regional.
    2. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that all breeding animals be vaccinated against influenza.

*In some instances, specific requirements may be in addition to swine entry requirements to the state of California but are necessary to exhibit animals at the NJSA Western Regional.