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Nov. 15-18, 2017

Stephens County Fairgrounds • Duncan, Okla.

Entry Deadline: Oct. 5, 2017
Farrowing Date Requirement for Purebreds:
April 1 and after

To expedite the check-in process, please email Whitney Hendricks at whitneyh@nationalswine.com or call 765.463.3594, ext. 112 with the ear notch and registration of your Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace and Yorkshire open show entries only. 
If you have a crossbred boar or gilt, please fill out the

(this must be provided for the show/sale catalog). 

NOTE:  The lot number will be assigned upon checking in at the show, owner’s herdmark and name is your information not the original breeder.
Duroc Judge:
Todd Beyers, Texas
Hamp Judge:
Kevin Wendt, Ohio
Landrace Judge:
Mark Hoge, Ill.
York Judge:
Mark Hoge, Ill.
Cross Judge:
George Cooper, Okla.


Pure Weanling Judge:
Ryan Sites, Okla.
Cross Weanling Sift Judge:
Willie Kirkpatrick, Okla.


Wednesday, Nov. 15

8 a.m.: Earliest entries may arrive

Thursday, Nov. 16

9 a.m.: All entries must be in the barn

5 p.m.: Weanling Pig Sift

Friday, Nov. 17

South Arena

7:30 a.m.: ampshire show followed by Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire & Crossbred Boar

Main Arena (Ring B)

8 a.m.: Chester show followed by Spot, Poland & Berkshire

5:30 p.m.: Selection of the champion
Weanling Pig Prospect Sale (Ring A)
Fabulous Female Sale to follow (All gilts selected will be sold in this sale.)

Saturday, Nov. 18

Main Arena (Ring A)
9 a.m.: Hampshire sale followed by Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire & Crossbred Boar

Main Arena (Ring B)
9:30 a.m.: Chester sale followed by Spot, Poland & Berkshire

NSR Representatives:

Clay Zwilling 765.463.3594

Michael Lackey 765.427.3733

Blaine Evans 765.490.3731

Mick Bellamy 765.427.7741